Let's talk about peptides. It's just like Lego!

Amino Acids

Think of amino acids as the little Lego blocks that build up your skin's strength and health. Your body naturally makes them, but skincare products with amino acids give your skin an extra boost, keeping it hydrated, repaired, and protected.


Peptides made of amino acids. Think of it as putting together a few Lego blockes. They're tiny messengers, telling your skin cells to do important tasks like making collagen (the stuff that keeps your skin firm and smooth). Your body makes peptides, but skincare products with peptides can give your skin an extra kick in staying young and fresh.


Proteins are like the big Lego castles made up of lots of amino acids. They do important jobs like repairing damage and keeping your skin in shape.


Peptides are super because they're small and can dive deep into your skin, doing their job better. They target specific skin issues, like wrinkles or dryness, more effectively. Full proteins might not go as deep and could even bother your skin. That's why skincare products with peptides are a hit – they get the job done without any fuss.

So, whether it's amino acids, peptides, or proteins, these Lego superheroes have your skin covered, keeping it happy, healthy, and glowing!